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is it so wonder’full?

So for a while I’ve loved makeup,mascara is always first on my shopping list ! But as always the ad is better than real life so i thought i give everyone my opinion on RIMMEL LONDON’s latest mascara “WONDER’FULL”. I was very skeptical of this as for a while I’ve remained faithful to Benefits “they’re real” but this product really surprised me.
This mascara contains argon oil and it claims to hold curls better.My lashes tend to loose the curl after 10 minutes so I was happy to see that this worked quite well.It even reminded me of my favourite Benefit mascara down to the brush and at a fraction of the price, i would definatly throw it in the basket next time you see it.
However if you’re looking for a water-proof mascara I didn’t see this in a water-proof version.



13 thoughts on “is it so wonder’full?

  1. I don’t think I have ever really thought about curling my eye lashes too much, they seem to do it naturally. It’s days (and posts) like this that make a girl feel grateful for what she’s got. Hooray for curly lashes! (lol)

    Thanks for the helpful review!


  2. 4thandcoffee says:

    I swear by Benefit mascara! I have what I call “short lashes” and They’re Real is the only thing that really does something for them. However, I’m going to pick up this Rimmel brand next time! Love the review!

    Thank you for your comment on our post!


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