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Making a ‘storm’

So i love my eyes i always try to make them my main feature, which means im always on the lookout for some new eyeshadows and oh boy do i like this!
I picked up SLEEK’s ‘storm palette’ because the pigmentation, I thought was really good.



I was really impressed with this. the pigmentation is great, the colours are beautiful. i personally just love it and for only €10 euro! I think i will have to go back to get the rest

PACKAGING: i like it, its clean and professional looking. 8/10


COVERAGE/LONGLASTING?: i think it covers really well and with a primer last a very long time.8/10

CONSTANCY: it’s very lightweight and soft i love it. 9/10


Yes a million percent yes!!

Overall i liked it. I use in my everyday makeup. The colours vary from day to night and last quite a long time so i going to give this and 8.5/10

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22 thoughts on “Making a ‘storm’

  1. nicolewestley says:

    I use their blush, but after reading the review I may just have to pic up this palette too! Great review, look forward to reading many more 🙂

    Nicole x


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