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Bronzed babe

So is it just me or it is finding the right bronzer for your skin tone almost as hard as finding the right foundation?
But never fear I’m here to show you my two favourite bronzers . One expensive and one superduper cheap!
And I gotta tell you I’m kinda loving the cheaper one better!


  1. CATRICE sun glow matt bronzing powder (medium skin)
    So this is my favourite out of the two.
    I think this is really good for cheap bronzer.
    There no real orange undertones in it. Its lovely and soft.
    Lasts a long time, good colour payoff! Most importantly when it only costs €5 (bonus points) I think there’s no reason why you can’t give this a go! 8/10


The next one is the more expensive out of the two. Its the BENEFIT ‘hoola’ bronzer.
This is definitely for someone who is willing to invest a lot of money into finding the right bronzer.
Its basic BENEFIT goodness!
Its a good colour, no orange undertone ( can i get an amen!)
It lasts quite long
Basically it’s just great, the only downside is the price €34!
Its pretty steep so it looses points for that 7/10


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Dark lips lovers!

I love dark lips, for me they are just perfect. From purples to reds, browns to blacks, i love them all.
So i have a little bit of experience when it comes to dark lips. They are my best known look.
So today im going to share with you my two favourite purple dark lips.

No1. CATRICE ‘berry bradshaw’
This is a slightly lighter purple than i like but hey I still wear it!


CONSISTENCY: its creamy and for the price is really good quality.8/10

SMELL: when i smell it, i smell cream but its a good smell!9/10


PACKAGING: its cute nothing special.6/10

COVERAGE: you need to top it up but its still good.5/10


OVERALL:its good but i prefer darker lips but this is good for anyone starting out with dark lips.7/10

Now my favourite one is colour collection gothic glam shade 3 ‘revenge ‘ ugh longest name ever!!


CONSISTENCY: its nice and smooth 7/10
SMELL: its nice its fruity


PACKAGING:its nice with a cute gold design on top 8/10

COVERAGE: this is my favourite its really intense and lasts reasonably long too! 9/10

Overall this is my favourite i love it and i will recommend this to anyone 9/10

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Lots and lots of inglot

Ahh so I have only recently discovered this lipstick and im super-duper happy! This is MY lipstick,its the iglot 415 and its as close to perfection for me as it can get, it has flaws but hey I can get past them.


I’m just in love with this I bought it on a whim, after my mac lipstick disaster! I now use it every day.


CONSISTENCY: this is its one flaw, but its easily fixed. It’s very,very dry. So what i do is slap on some baby lips or Vaseline and away i go but without it i would never like it. 3/10

SMELL: It smells like berries. Hmmmm berries ❤ ,it smells good enough to eat! 9/10


COVERAGE: it lasts quite a long time and covers my very dark lips so thumbs up for inglot.9/10

PACKAGING: it’s very like MAC’s boxes but i still like it . 7/10 (for lack of creativity) but i like the square container, its different.


Overall I love it, it has flaws but they’re easily fixed. This is my favourite lipstick ever! I just adore it, I know i will buy this for many many many years to come so i give inglot a well deserved 9/10

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Making a ‘storm’

So i love my eyes i always try to make them my main feature, which means im always on the lookout for some new eyeshadows and oh boy do i like this!
I picked up SLEEK’s ‘storm palette’ because the pigmentation, I thought was really good.



I was really impressed with this. the pigmentation is great, the colours are beautiful. i personally just love it and for only €10 euro! I think i will have to go back to get the rest

PACKAGING: i like it, its clean and professional looking. 8/10


COVERAGE/LONGLASTING?: i think it covers really well and with a primer last a very long time.8/10

CONSTANCY: it’s very lightweight and soft i love it. 9/10


Yes a million percent yes!!

Overall i liked it. I use in my everyday makeup. The colours vary from day to night and last quite a long time so i going to give this and 8.5/10

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An award for real ?!

So for the longest time i have wanted to start a blog. To share and spread my love and passion of makeup and hopefully help people along the way.

To be nominated for an award in such a short space of time is truely amazing and i really want to thank dancingindior for nominating me! Ps she’s amazing go check out her blog!!
These are my answers to her q’s i really had to think about some of these!!


  1. Favourite Movie?
    Ooooh i have to say i love any disney movie but I’m also a superhero geek! So im gonna say “avengers assemble”

  2. Favourite Smell?
    Easy freshly cut grass ❤

  3. Most stupid/silly thing you’ve ever done?
    Hide behind a really skinny tree from my teacher to avoid getting in trouble. I was almost killed that day !!

  4. Favourite High Street Store?
    Pennys/ primark i could live there

  5. How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
    23?? Sorry my brain shuts off during summer !

  6. Favourite Season & why?
    Winter. I love being in bed reading a book at night when its raining. Ugh thats the life!

  7. Favourite song at the moment?
    My favourite song has been "demons" by imagine dragons forever

  8. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
    Brown Tomas they got Mac and every brand out there

  9. If you had to move to a desert Island and you could only bring 1 item of makeup, 1 outfit and 1 person, what would they be?
    Can i swap makeup for marshmallows nah I'd bring mascara or lipstick ok i cant chose. I would have to bring a big jumper and leggings and my daddy. Couldn't live without him

  10. Favourite Blog of the moment!?
    My nominees
    Best eye and beauty reviews
    Sarah loves makeup
    My questions peeve memory
3.favourite tv show
4.dream job
5.synthetic or natural brush
6.celeb crush
7.worst nightmare
8.lipstick or mascara
9.favourite brand
10. Guilty pleasure

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viva glam slam

So for a long time i have looked for the “ULTIMATE” nude lip colour for me. I had tried and tested every nude from drugstore brands but none worked with my skin tone.


So after hearing great reviews for “viva glam v ” i decided to try it.


I was less then impressed. My lips are naturally quite red but the sales assistant assured me that this would work. Lets just say it didn’t. My lip colour shined through even with 3-4 layers on!

PACKAGING: its nothing special,same bascic mac container with a red strip.6/10


SMELL: ( I always check cause im weird like that) its really nice quite sweet.

COVERAGE: really not what i was expecting from mac this dissapointed me a lot. Viva Glam V did not live up to its reputation in my opinion.4/10


CONSISTENCY: I liked it its very creamy and light so i really liked this part of it .8/10

Overall this lipstick for me didn’t live up to its reputation so i give mac a very disappointing 5/10 for this lipstick.

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is it so wonder’full?

So for a while I’ve loved makeup,mascara is always first on my shopping list ! But as always the ad is better than real life so i thought i give everyone my opinion on RIMMEL LONDON’s latest mascara “WONDER’FULL”. I was very skeptical of this as for a while I’ve remained faithful to Benefits “they’re real” but this product really surprised me.
This mascara contains argon oil and it claims to hold curls better.My lashes tend to loose the curl after 10 minutes so I was happy to see that this worked quite well.It even reminded me of my favourite Benefit mascara down to the brush and at a fraction of the price, i would definatly throw it in the basket next time you see it.
However if you’re looking for a water-proof mascara I didn’t see this in a water-proof version.