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Dark lips lovers!

I love dark lips, for me they are just perfect. From purples to reds, browns to blacks, i love them all.
So i have a little bit of experience when it comes to dark lips. They are my best known look.
So today im going to share with you my two favourite purple dark lips.

No1. CATRICE ‘berry bradshaw’
This is a slightly lighter purple than i like but hey I still wear it!


CONSISTENCY: its creamy and for the price is really good quality.8/10

SMELL: when i smell it, i smell cream but its a good smell!9/10


PACKAGING: its cute nothing special.6/10

COVERAGE: you need to top it up but its still good.5/10


OVERALL:its good but i prefer darker lips but this is good for anyone starting out with dark lips.7/10

Now my favourite one is colour collection gothic glam shade 3 ‘revenge ‘ ugh longest name ever!!


CONSISTENCY: its nice and smooth 7/10
SMELL: its nice its fruity


PACKAGING:its nice with a cute gold design on top 8/10

COVERAGE: this is my favourite its really intense and lasts reasonably long too! 9/10

Overall this is my favourite i love it and i will recommend this to anyone 9/10

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viva glam slam

So for a long time i have looked for the “ULTIMATE” nude lip colour for me. I had tried and tested every nude from drugstore brands but none worked with my skin tone.


So after hearing great reviews for “viva glam v ” i decided to try it.


I was less then impressed. My lips are naturally quite red but the sales assistant assured me that this would work. Lets just say it didn’t. My lip colour shined through even with 3-4 layers on!

PACKAGING: its nothing special,same bascic mac container with a red strip.6/10


SMELL: ( I always check cause im weird like that) its really nice quite sweet.

COVERAGE: really not what i was expecting from mac this dissapointed me a lot. Viva Glam V did not live up to its reputation in my opinion.4/10


CONSISTENCY: I liked it its very creamy and light so i really liked this part of it .8/10

Overall this lipstick for me didn’t live up to its reputation so i give mac a very disappointing 5/10 for this lipstick.

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