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Bronzed babe

So is it just me or it is finding the right bronzer for your skin tone almost as hard as finding the right foundation?
But never fear I’m here to show you my two favourite bronzers . One expensive and one superduper cheap!
And I gotta tell you I’m kinda loving the cheaper one better!


  1. CATRICE sun glow matt bronzing powder (medium skin)
    So this is my favourite out of the two.
    I think this is really good for cheap bronzer.
    There no real orange undertones in it. Its lovely and soft.
    Lasts a long time, good colour payoff! Most importantly when it only costs €5 (bonus points) I think there’s no reason why you can’t give this a go! 8/10


The next one is the more expensive out of the two. Its the BENEFIT ‘hoola’ bronzer.
This is definitely for someone who is willing to invest a lot of money into finding the right bronzer.
Its basic BENEFIT goodness!
Its a good colour, no orange undertone ( can i get an amen!)
It lasts quite long
Basically it’s just great, the only downside is the price €34!
Its pretty steep so it looses points for that 7/10


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Making a ‘storm’

So i love my eyes i always try to make them my main feature, which means im always on the lookout for some new eyeshadows and oh boy do i like this!
I picked up SLEEK’s ‘storm palette’ because the pigmentation, I thought was really good.



I was really impressed with this. the pigmentation is great, the colours are beautiful. i personally just love it and for only €10 euro! I think i will have to go back to get the rest

PACKAGING: i like it, its clean and professional looking. 8/10


COVERAGE/LONGLASTING?: i think it covers really well and with a primer last a very long time.8/10

CONSTANCY: it’s very lightweight and soft i love it. 9/10


Yes a million percent yes!!

Overall i liked it. I use in my everyday makeup. The colours vary from day to night and last quite a long time so i going to give this and 8.5/10

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