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An award for real ?!

So for the longest time i have wanted to start a blog. To share and spread my love and passion of makeup and hopefully help people along the way.

To be nominated for an award in such a short space of time is truely amazing and i really want to thank dancingindior for nominating me! Ps she’s amazing go check out her blog!!
These are my answers to her q’s i really had to think about some of these!!


  1. Favourite Movie?
    Ooooh i have to say i love any disney movie but I’m also a superhero geek! So im gonna say “avengers assemble”

  2. Favourite Smell?
    Easy freshly cut grass ❤

  3. Most stupid/silly thing you’ve ever done?
    Hide behind a really skinny tree from my teacher to avoid getting in trouble. I was almost killed that day !!

  4. Favourite High Street Store?
    Pennys/ primark i could live there

  5. How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
    23?? Sorry my brain shuts off during summer !

  6. Favourite Season & why?
    Winter. I love being in bed reading a book at night when its raining. Ugh thats the life!

  7. Favourite song at the moment?
    My favourite song has been "demons" by imagine dragons forever

  8. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
    Brown Tomas they got Mac and every brand out there

  9. If you had to move to a desert Island and you could only bring 1 item of makeup, 1 outfit and 1 person, what would they be?
    Can i swap makeup for marshmallows nah I'd bring mascara or lipstick ok i cant chose. I would have to bring a big jumper and leggings and my daddy. Couldn't live without him

  10. Favourite Blog of the moment!?
    My nominees
    Best eye and beauty reviews
    Sarah loves makeup
    My questions peeve memory
3.favourite tv show
4.dream job
5.synthetic or natural brush
6.celeb crush
7.worst nightmare
8.lipstick or mascara
9.favourite brand
10. Guilty pleasure